Benefits of packaging private label nutritional supplements in food bags

If you want to pack your private label vitamins, minerals or other supplements ecologically, cost-effectively, but at the same time safely, food bags can be a great solution. They bring several valuable benefits that are worth knowing. What should you know about them?

Material of food bags

You can choose from several types of food bags, they are different in the material from which they are made. Paper or paper-aluminum bags are most often used. The second type is a bit more durable, but even classic paper bags are made of durable types of paper that can withstand stress and external influences. The pockets can be provided with a transparent foil, thanks to which the contents of the package are visible.

The advantage of food bags compared to other types of packaging is recyclability and compostability. If you use your products to target people who care about ecology and environmental protection, this aspect can be an interesting added value.

Weight - a valuable advantage in transport

Food pockets take up little space. But most importantly, they are lighter compared to medicine bottles or jars. At first glance, the weight savings may not be so significant, but if you transport tens or hundreds of packages, the savings will be noticeable. Lower weight will also translate into lower shipping charges. Not to mention that the price of the food bags themselves is also lower than the price of other types of packaging.

Practical elements of food bags

The food pockets we offer, in which it is possible to pack private label nutritional supplements, are equipped with a practical ZIP closure. Thanks to it, it is possible to open and close them multiple times, so the product inside the package will always be protected from external influences. ZIP closure ensures airtightness of the bag.

In addition, on the surface of the bag it is possible to directly print your chosen graphics, logo, respectively, useful information for customers. Thus, packaging does not only fulfill a protective, but also a marketing and information function. Our experienced graphic designers will be happy to help you design graphics for your packaging.

Durability comes first

Although food bags may seem vulnerable at first glance, they do provide excellent protection for the contents that are packaged in them. Above all, thanks to the airtight closure, they protect against dampness and wetting. In addition, they also provide protection from the sun's rays. You can also pack more sensitive nutritional supplements in them.

Possibility to use food bags

Food bags are available in different sizes. This way you can choose exactly the version that will correspond to the amount of your nutritional supplement. You will not sell air unnecessarily.

Our clients most often use food bags for packaging tablet, capsule and powder forms of products. Thanks to the ZIP closing system, they are also suitable for packaging products that have a long shelf life and are intended for longer-term use. The advantage of the food bag is also the possibility of simple dosing of the product - a wide inlet opening ensures easy pouring or picking up with a spoon.

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