Medicine bottle as a packaging for your private label product - what are its benefits?

An important part of the private label nutritional supplement design process is choosing the right packaging. In our experience, vials are the most popular. These are often used by pharmaceutical companies for drug packaging. What are their main benefits and for which product forms can you use them?

Plastic versus glass vial

Vials can be made of either plastic or glass. The advantage of the plastic variant is its low weight and also a slightly lower price. Glass vials are made of durable glass, so they can't be broken so easily. Their advantage is that they give customers a slightly more premium impression than plastic alternatives. In the end, it's up to you what material you choose.

Different sizes and shapes

Today, the shape of the packaging is a relatively important factor that can attract a potential customer. However, among the dozens of similar nutritional supplements, you will be attracted by the one that will be in some untraditionally shaped packaging. However, it should be borne in mind that the shape also has a practical function. It affects how easily your product will be dosed. And since the vial is a multi-dose package, this fact is quite important.

In our offer we have a wide portfolio of different sizes and shapes of vials to choose from, so you can easily choose the one that will suit your requirements. In addition, there are several different colors available.

Possibility of secondary packaging

The bottle is the so-called primary packaging that comes into direct contact with your nutritional supplement. However, in case of interest, we also offer the option of secondary packaging in the form of a paper box in which the vial will be packed. The secondary packaging has an additional protective function, but it can also have an interesting print, your company logo or information about use or content.

We usually also stick labels on the vial, which can have a graphic design according to your ideas. They should also include information on composition, dosage or potential beneficial effects.

Perfect content protection

The bottle is an airtight container that is resistant to deformation. It perfectly protects your vitamins, minerals or any other nutritional supplements from moisture, sunlight and other adverse environmental influences. During transport or storage, your nutritional supplement will last without the risk of deterioration and loss of original properties.

In addition, the vials can also be equipped with a child lock or a warranty ring. Their content will be even better protected against unwanted interference by external influences.

Possibilities of using vials

The vials are suitable for packaging a wide range of different nutritional supplements. They are most often used in tablet, capsule and powder forms of products.

Vials bring the best ratio of functionality, size and price. That is why they are the most popular packaging for private label nutritional supplements. They add a premium touch to the product and it is possible to stick various types of labels on them, which will appeal to potential customers.

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