Differences Between Tablets and Capsules: What You Should Know?

When you are choosing what type of vitamins or food supplements are good for your brand, you should have some questions. Which of form factor is better more suistable as your product?

2 of the most popular are tablets and capsules. Each of these forms has its own advantages and disadvantages, which can influence your choice. In this article, we will look at the main differences between tablets and capsules to help you make an informed decision.

many other forms of vitamins in one supplements bottle

Tablets versus Capsules ?

What do think which form is better for your product ?


Tablets are the firts oppinions when you are thinking about form of vitamins. They are solid, compact, and easy to take, often shaped into small, round, or oval forms. Tablets are made by compressing powdered active ingredients along with excipients, which help improve stability and taste. They can be coated to mask unpleasant flavors and to make them easier to swallow.


  • Long shelf life and stability
  • Special formulations - for example for children - color and flavor
  • Easy to swallow - sometimes tablets are really tiny


  • Taste - if the tablets have an almost purely natural plant composition, we can smell the aftertaste - of garlic, green powders, or pungent ingredients
  • Lower content of active substances, since they must be mixed with additives in order to be able to be compressed
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Tablets were invented by their author, mainly so that he could dose his patients with the exact dose of medicine. We can also mention that the most modern tablet pressing technology can press a ball of fat into the center of the tablet and thus ensure better absorption of nutrients from the tablet. Because some vitamins dissolve better in fat.


Capsules with moringas powder
Capsules with powder from Moringa leaves

Capsules are the second most popular form for the production of nutritional supplements, consisting of a gelatin shell that encases the active ingredients. We can encasuplate plenty of ingredients mixtures, or even powders made from ground herbs. They are designed to dissolve easily in the digestive tract, allowing for efficient absorption of the active ingredients.


  • Easy to swalllow- the capsules have a compact shape, so they are easy to swallow
  • Quick absorption- the pure active ingredient is quickly absorbed
  • Lower price - since the production is simpler and the composition does not have to contain additives that can increase the basic price of the formulation
  • Neutral taste - the gelatin from which the capsules are made has a neutral taste, and thanks to the closure of the capsules, aromas and aftertastes do not penetrate into the human mouth


  • Lower expiration date of the ingredient, as air may remain in the capsule during production
  • More difficult storage - high humidity, temperature and light can affect it
  • Different weight of capsules

Of course, we must mention that the main difference between capsules and tablets is this: Tablets must contain commonly available additives, such as: starch, lactose, microcrystalline cellulose, calcium phosphate. These substances are added to the composition so that they are well pressed and hold their shape. Ultimately, these additives increase the overall size of these tablets.

We also add that the tablets are suitable for the production of vitamins, where we require the delivery of a precise dose and a long stability of the ingredient.

Capsules are more suitable for encapsulating a pure ingredient, such as powders from herbs, or only single minerals - such as one of the most popular products on the global market - magnesium bisglycinate.

Thanks to our recommendations, each of our clients knows how to choose the most aqueous form for their product.

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