The packaging that sells itself. Engage customers on Amazon with a unique design

Do you know the old well-known claim that packaging sells? If you sell nutritional supplements on Amazon, this is doubly true. The competition is fierce and you have to stand out from the crowd in order to succeed. How to do it? The basis is the original visual of the labels, which catches the eye of potential customers.

If you decide to work with us, you do not have to hire an expensive marketing agency to design the packaging. Our people, who have many years of know-how in this area and have been involved in the creation of products that have seen very solid sales on Amazon, will help you with them.

It depends on the colors

Color psychology plays an important role in the sale of nutritional supplements. Each shade evokes different emotions and feelings. In order for your product to have the best impression on the target group, you need to pay enough attention to the design of color combinations. Our team of experienced experts will be happy to help you in this regard. They have an overview of marketing on Amazon and the latest trends in nutritional supplements.

In this way, they can design optimal color combinations tailored to your product. Shades are also adjusted on the basis of the target group. For example, in the case of products for women, it may be appropriate to choose pinks and, conversely, nutritional supplements intended for men need to be tuned to other shades. Some colors, for example, yellow, evokes an emotion of joy and happiness. Green in turn encourages trust and reliability. When the individual shades are applied to the packaging in the right proportions, the result is the right psychological effect on potential customers.

An eye-catching design

It is good to enrich labels with non-traditional graphic elements that attract human attention. The packaging should be distinctive in design, but at the same time it must correspond to the communication strategy of your brand. Our experts, who know how to provide a tailor-made graphic design, will also be happy to help you with design elements.

An integral part of label design is the logo of your brand, so that the product is immediately recognizable at first glance. Attention must also be paid to the font. They can also determine what emotions the product will arouse at first glance. It is important that the graphic elements on your packaging are consistent. This means that once you have established a form of communication, it is important to follow it. If you change and modify everything from the ground up with each new product, your brand will be difficult for customers to remember.

Optimal element layout

The packaging of a nutritional supplement should create a potential value for money for potential customers. The individual graphic elements and texts must be correctly arranged so that they are easy to read and make a good impression.

Simply put, even if you are just starting to sell nutritional supplements on Amazon, your product must look professional. As if you were a seasoned brand with many years of experience. This is the only way you can fully compete with established large brands and experience success in the international market. Thanks to us, you can meet these demanding requirements more easily than you think!

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