What are the properties of jars for packaging private label nutritional supplements?

Jars are a popular form of packaging in the case of powder forms of private label nutritional supplements. Compared to medicine bottles, they are usually larger in size, so they can handle more content for long-term use. In the following lines, we bring you the most important information about their benefits and properties.

Multi-dose pack of various sizes

When you, together with our experts, choose the optimal composition of your product, it is also necessary to determine its dosage and quantity in one package. Based on this, a package with a size that will suit your requirements is then selected. That is why we have a wide selection of jars with different size parameters in our offer. This allows you to choose exactly the version you need.

In addition, several colors are available. It is through the color of the can that you can differentiate yourself from the competition and you can easily stand out from a number of hundreds of other nutritional supplements. You can choose a shade that will match the color identity of your brand.

Glass and plastic cans

If you want your product to look premium, we recommend choosing glass jars. However, classic plastic versions are also a good solution, the benefit of which is lower weight and price. When transporting a large number of packages, lighter plastic cans can save you a certain part of the transport costs. Both materials are characterized by very good resistance to deformation.

Etiquette that captures

Labels are glued to the jar, the design of which you can design yourself. If you do not have your own graphics, you can use our professionals. They have extensive know-how and experience in the sale of nutritional supplements. They will be able to design a unique design that will attract attention and correspond to the main values ​​of your brand.

The labels include not only graphic and color elements, but also important information about the use, content or positive effects of the nutritional supplement. We will also be happy to help you create texts and arrange them within the label.

Resistance to external influences

We offer our customers high-quality cans that provide excellent content protection from external influences. Protects from sunlight, but also moisture and water. This is especially important for powder products. Sometimes a small crack in the cap is enough and moisture gets into the nutritional supplement, which can significantly degrade it. Direct sunlight, in turn, can trigger unwanted chemical reactions.

The excellent properties of the cans are also ensured by the guarantee closure. It is in the form of a membrane between the throat and the lid. Thanks to the guarantee closure, the contents of the can are perfectly protected from moisture. It fulfills its function even after multiple opening and closing, thus providing the possibility of long-term storage of the product without the risk of its deterioration.

Easy dosing

The cans usually have a wider neck, which simplifies dosing. In particular, scooping the powder through a spoon or scoop. At first glance, this seems like a trifle, but your customers will definitely appreciate this fact.

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